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Dante’s Purgatory Series

Book 1: Hurt Me, Heal Me


Dante’s Purgatory, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781419949258
August 1, 2014
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
129 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Feeling completely adrift and incredibly on edge, Caitlin Bennett enters Dante’s Purgatory for the first time. It terrifies her to know that without pain she will never find the release she so desperately craves.

Very little interests Paul Nelson lately. The club, the women, they all seem to be lacking something, even if he does not know exactly what.

Year after year Caitlin strives to be the best slave her Master could want, but even the endless hours of blood and tears she sheds for him are not enough. Now that she is on her own, Caitlin must come to grips with her needs, which is why she ends up at Dante’s. A jolt shoots straight through Paul the night he sees Caitlin in the club, yet no amount of begging on her part will make him hurt her. She needs something he just cannot give, and it is tearing them both apart.

The years of conditioning that Caitlin endures are not something she is going to get over in a couple of days, no matter how much heat there is between her and Paul, and I appreciate that this author respects that during the course of this story. Thankfully Paul is not easily dissuaded, even when Caitlin feels like there is no hope. It is no wonder she feels broken and lost, but with a man like Paul in her life, she is going to have a really hard time beating herself up.

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