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ISBN #: 9781595788160
June 2011
Liquid Silver Books
E Book
$ 4.75
83 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Beth is part succubus and part vampire due to a science experiment gone wrong. She represses the dark side of her nature but feeds her sexual urges through her job as a stripper. She is in hiding from her “brothers”.

Gene is djinn and even lives in a bottle. He is handsome, sexy, and has a great sense of humor, as well as being extremely powerful.

Simon is the last of the ice dragons. He is huge and protective, and like most dragons, very possessive.

One night while escaping a vampire, stripper Beth, aka Trixie, is saved by a very large and sexy man who brings her home with him. He and his roommate want to keep her with them, but Beth is independent and worried about her two roommates, a siren who is afraid of the ocean, and a werebunny. Beth needs protection, though since she is apparently at the heart of a prophesy wherein she might cause the end of the world. The armies of good and evil are both out to get her.

Any story that has a werebunny as one of the characters is sure to stir my interest, and this book has so much more. The plot is full of action and great love scenes and the main characters are very appealing. The author has created a truly unique world for these characters, and her take on the forces of good and evil is like nothing I have ever come across. It is good to see the misfits of the world come out on top for a change.

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