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The Edge Erotica Series
ISBN# 9781613333716
5 September 2012
Decadent Publishing
27 Pages
Paranormal Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Skeptical is a nice way of putting how Carnie Sabatina feels about the whole hypnotist thing.

Michael Schommer is just plain tired. He wants more in his life than superficial relationships and his God-awful cheesy office.

She may not believe in hypnotism, although Carnie is ready to try, if it means getting rid of her nasty and expensive smoking habit. Her faith in the therapy may be questionable, but her libido is ready to do Hail Mary’s after meeting Michael. Five minutes alone with Carnie has Michael scrambling to maintain control. This could be the woman he has sought for so long, which makes keeping things professional nearly impossible.

I love when a story can make you laugh just by picturing its characters. Carnie looks like we all do on a crazy busy day, but put her in the room with Michael and all of a sudden everything except him falls away. The build begins the moment Carnie and Michael meet, intensifying to pure need with every word. So, if your day needs a little afternoon delight—and whose does not?—this naughty little treat is sure to do the trick.

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