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ISBN#: 9781907016103
March 2010
Xcite Books
90 Pages
Futuristic erotica with BDSM elements
Rating: 3 Cups

Frank Carter is a Lieutenant and involved in deep space exploration. His present assignment is with a woman who is called the Ice Commander. Like many men, he wonders if he will get to first base, so to speak, with her.

Laura Hamilton is the famous “Ice Commander.” She survived a disaster on her previous ship where she was the science office when no one else did. Her hair turned white from the experience and her disposition is just as frosty.

Laura is a woman who reveals herself to Frank and others who have served with the Ice Commander, but not the commander herself.

Eve Dawkins is the commander of the ship that Frank is assigned to after his post on one of Saturn’s moons. He is very attracted to her.

When Frank arrives at his post on one of Saturn’s moons, he is looking forward to it though he wonders what the Ice Commander is like. He finds out soon enough that she is a rather cold woman. Fortunately for him, there is another woman who calls herself Laura at the post, and she is decidedly more friendly towards Frank, though he does manage to have sex with both women. When Frank’s three months on the moon post are up, he is assigned to a ship called the Rigel, where there are also plenty of attractive women. Too bad they are all of higher rank. While he would not say no if one of the other women including the captain made sexual overtures, he misses Laura. However, when it becomes apparent that Laura may have followed him into space, he begins wanting to unravel the mystery of her. Is she an alien taking the form of women she somehow comes into contact with, or merely a hallucination? Can he truly have her or should he work towards a relationship with one of his more flesh and blood counterparts? Only time will tell.

Ice Commander definitely has an interesting premise as its story. I was vastly entertained by the ever popular Laura who seemed to have no problem taking whatever form suited her. I also liked the fact that the author uses Laura as a way to heal some emotional pain for one of Frank’s new crew. The sex is varied, and while there is a bit of BDSM, it is light BDSM. I enjoyed this story though I felt it was more geared towards male readers rather than female ones.

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