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ISBN #:Unavailable
November 2010
Self Published
75 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The author wrote this book for herself, using her computer to alleviate her depression. It is a book for anyone who has ever felt trapped in a bad relationship. The pieces are filled with pain and loss and lust and longing. Overall, it is her truth.

As a former journalist and longtime writer, Rebecca Tsaros Dickson uses her writing skills to reveal the truth as see sees it. To provide glimpses and scenes that seem almost too private to share where we feel grateful she has lived this reality and is willing to share.

I Could Tell You Stories is a collection meant to be consumed in little bits and pieces so as not to overwhelm the reader. It is a dense offering, designed to let the reader ponder the entire piece; from the words, the design, the content and the accompanying musical playlist. Each syllable is a further step in the author's journey.

Rebecca Tsaros Dickson bares her soul for readers in a unique and powerfully outspoken fashion. I felt like a reluctant voyeur while reading this book. Each section is starkly impressive but for someone not living in this type of oppressive relationship, I found myself being pulled under the mire. The author takes us into her life and exposes everything in a straightforward almost bold manner, which I believe people in similar circumstances may find solace and comfort in, perhaps giving them the hope to fix things or finally move on.

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