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ISBN# 978-1-77233-699-3
February 11, 2016
Evernight Publishing
175 Pages
Contemporary, Suspense, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Kierra’s childhood was far from perfect. Her mother jumped from guy to guy, each one worse than the previous one. Her mother’s last husband was abusive and it took him trying to molest her daughter for Kierra’s mother to finally decide it was time to leave him. They sneaked out in the middle of the night and fled to Kierra’s grandparents’ house where, for the first time, her life began to look up.

Kierra and Bryan, a football player from her high school that she had an incredible crush on, were at a party one night when tragedy struck. The happiest night of Kierra’s life, complete with her first kiss, quickly became a nightmare that she would never wake up from. After the party Kierra walked back to her grandparents’ home only to have Bryan save her life right before the house erupted in a ball of flames. With no other living family members, Kierra was tossed into the foster care system far away from the place she had just began to call home.

When Bryan sees Kierra again, there is no doubt in his mind that this is not the girl that he knew ten years ago. She has changed, and not for the better. Her carefree, happy personality is gone; replaced with fear, suspicion and uncertainty. When they start digging, Kierra’s past quickly begins to threaten them both.

The author gives an adequate portrayal of symptoms that would likely occur following the tragedy and abuse that Kierra suffered as a teenager. Her fear of everything and her desire to blend into her surroundings appeared to be a natural reaction to what had happened. I liked that the author gave Kierra and Bryan the history she did, because without it I would have found it difficult to believe that Kierra would be so comfortable with Bryan. The book is not overly long, but is not so short that it leaves you feeling as if you missed something. The connection between Kierra and Bryan is one that is believable yet still feels magical. I loved the small town where the story took place and the way that the entire town seemed to rally around Kierra to support her even when she thought she had no one.

Reviewed by Heather
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