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ISBN# (10)1420104608/(13)978-1420104608b
June 2009
Zebra Books (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York, NY 10022
384 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord Julian Anthony Charles Kenwood, ninth earl of Colinsmoor, knows someone is trying to kill him. So far he has managed to outwit his attackers, but his nine lives may be running out.

Chloe Wherlocke is the sister of a poor widow. She also comes from a family with special gifts, hers being the gift of vision. When Julian is attacked, she comes to his rescue.

Chloe’s gift of vision informs her that there is danger ahead for Julian and his son, Anthony. Luckily, she is able to save the child, but Julian must be dealt with since his life is still in jeopardy. After she comes to his aid, he learns about her visions but is not sure if he believes her. Chloe needs to know if her uncle or late wife knew anything about his past, any of his gambles or losses, or if he has any outstanding debts that could be used against him. Julian did gamble, and yes, he lost some money. She believes he should pretend to be dead for a while. Julian has his own theory as to why; someone is plotting to get rid of him. As he puts his trust in Chloe, the two are drawn together in many ways. Can she protect Julian and Anthony or will her vision become a reality?

If He’s Wicked is a sensual read almost making the reader swoon with all the passion and romance that stirs with Chloe and Julian. They are a dynamite couple that breathes life within the pages, making everything come alive. The characters are driven, powerful, and emit a breathtaking chemistry that makes the read a joy. I love the way Hannah Howell fashions this excellent tale. Her style of writing kept me spellbound with the episodes of Chloe and Julian. With each turn of the page, I was on edge as the brilliant cast work together to spin great dialogue, suspense, and intrigue in this read that comes highly recommended.

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