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ISBN# 1935152149
July 2008
ABCD Graphics and Design, Inc (LULU Publisher)
Lulu Press Inc. 860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
Trade Paperback
134 pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Caitlin Curran has been told she must marry Aeneas MacDonnell and consummate the marriage. She is not looking forward to entering any loveless marriage. Little did she realize he would be a man hard to forget.

Aeneas Alexander MacDonnell does not like the fact he is forced to marry some American heiress. He cannot disappoint his father. He never imagined Caitlin to leave such an impact on his heart.

Mac and Caitlin dislike the fact their fathers are pushing them into this marriage. Mac is certain Caitlin is nothing but a spoiled American heiress. He will consummate the marriage then leave, never having to see her again. Caitlin hates that her first time with a man was due to her being a pawn in a marriage. Years pass, and Caitlin’s brother makes her sign divorce papers so she can marry someone else he has chosen, to keep the Curran fortune protected. Instead, Caitlin escapes and flees to Arizona to find Mac, unaware he believes she is dead. Will he be happy to see her again or push her out of his life for good?

I have to admit that Starla Kaye has told a wonderful story with, If You Love Me. From the beginning, Caitlin and Mac have a certain chemistry that draws the reader in. I was able to share in their sorrow and joy. I love the part about the sore jaw and the eggs. A soothing, sensual, heat simmers between Caitlin and Mac making this an interesting read. Caitlin’s brother is a miserable excuse for a man, but adds depth to the plot. I love the way the feelings of Caitlin and Mac want to explode in the open, but they keep them hid very well. This spanking good read kept this reader thoroughly captivated.

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