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ISBN#: 978-0-06-188566-2
July 2010
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Violet Redmond is rich, beautiful and a bit wild. Society often watches to see what she will do next. Most importantly, she is loyal to those she loves and she is worried about her brother Lyon.

Asher Flint was an illegitimate orphan, then a sea captain. He is now the Earl of Ardmay. He is a bit of a savage and definitely different from the spoiled polished members of the Ton.

Asher Flint’s new position in life enables him to search for the man who caused the death of his mentor. Le Chat is becoming the scourge of the seas and he suspects that his true identity is Lyon Redmond. Redmond’s sister, the beautiful Violet is determined to save her brother, even if she has to stow away to convince Flint of his innocence.

The author has written a wonderful historical romance with a bit of a twist, some adventures on the high seas. The characters are so vivid they practically walk off the page and this is just the kind of romance that Violet deserves. Asher has a lot more depth than the typical nobleman and his rough edges make him more interesting. The plot is quick moving and hard to put down. I particularly liked the scenes outside of tame England.

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