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Promise Me Origins, Book 1
ASIN #: B00EXCQR6W/ ISBN #: 1612356907
September, 2013
Melange Books
E-Book/Trade Paper
$ 5.99/$ 13.99
256 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vampire Devlin Dalcon has eked out a provincial existence as a wandering troubadour, satisfying his twin lust for blood and women discreetly since the early 1600s. In the year 1814, against the backdrop of Napoleonic France, he finds himself caught up in a plot to steal the dowry of a wealthy man’s daughter and under threat of having to marry a Gypsy woman whom he desires, but does not love. To his surprise, he finds himself infatuated with the willful and headstrong noblewoman, Anna.

Dev is determined not to show his true self to Anna, but complications soon rear their heads as the Gypsies demand his assistance. Caught between his love for Anna and the probable consequences of getting captured, or worse, forced to be bound by blood to the Gypsies, he connives a way to escape, but at the cost of revealing his vampiric nature. To his surprise, Anna accepts Dev for who he is, even going so far as to offer herself to him to feed upon. Weakened by an injury, Dev has no choice, but feeds carefully.

This disagreeable incident forces Dev and Anna to flee to the nearest city, where Dev swiftly becomes the vampire lord. However, there is always someone who stands greater, and Dev is forced to make alliances with werewolves, werebats, demons, and other vampires in order to withstand the might of Louis, the Lord of France, and his master, the vampire ruler of Europe. The course of true love never ran smooth, and the complicated vampire politics and the unique problems of vampire physiology demand Dev tread carefully, lest he destroy all he loves.

Tara Fox Hall creates a vividly realized vision of Napoleon’s France, adding surprising depth and detail to the narrative. Her addition of werebats to the usual monstrous menagerie is a refreshing and interesting deviation from the norm. Anna, in particular, is a good foil for Dev, by turns headstrong and demure while always remaining fiercely loyal. Dev demonstrates his love for Anna over and over again, in ways that, had he been anything other than a vampire, would elicit discomfort or even rage, but that work well in this story. This is one vampire book that should not be missed!

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