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ISBN#: 9780984897001
December 2011
Pink Petal Books
178 Pages
Paranormal vampire romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jade Smith has kept apart from others most of her life, her ability to heal fast has led her to think herself a freak. Her writing is the one thing that is keeping her from going crazy. After sharing part of her story online she ends up bringing a lot of questionable attention to herself. Demetrius not believing that she made it up, takes her along with him. Meeting with him has her questioning if she really did make it up and if she can measure up to the Rosaline in her story.

Demetrius Mercer is a fighter for his vampire family, the de Nouviants, and spends his time fighting against their rivals who he blames for the death of his Rosaline. A fellow family member shows him Jade’s story that he found online, parts of the tale that he reads were only between him and his beloved, Rosaline. She has to be found, so he finds out where she got her information. The attraction he is starting to have for Jade has him feeling guilty …

Jade finds herself on the run after posting part of what she wrote online. She is not certain if Demetrius is her savior or not. Spending more time together works on the attraction that is growing between them, neither sure they are good enough for each other. Jade also starts to dream about what Rosaline might have seen before she was killed. Was it actually a Malachite? Jade and Demetrius need to find out where Jade’s story came from, what does her ability do, who all is after her and why, and if a Malachite actually did kill Rosaline before time runs out.

Resolutions to everything concerning Jade were not really predictable. You think it might be one thing, you keep reading and find out you might be right, but there are some surprises added to it that you were not really expecting at all. The chemistry is there between the two and the trust is slow to show up to the point it got a bit frustrating, but it got there and ended up being as intense as their relationship and interactions were. The world Ms. O’Donnell has created is unique and does not follow the other vampire lore types out there. It was exciting to read. With parts of the ending to this book it looks as though there should be another book coming. I am hoping there is because I really liked reading this book. I would recommend it, and would read it again.

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