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Immortals Series
Book 1: Immortal Duty
Book 2: Immortal Kiss
Book 3: Dark Immortal
Book 4: Forever Immortal

ISBN: 9781419941740
December 26, 2012
Ellora’s Cave
173 pages
Paranormal, Urban fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Amy Bennett, a new doctor, is on the way home from a triple-shift when she walks into a fight between Rhys and a dragon-demon. She thinks he is a drug dealer; the dragon she saw a hallucination from whatever he is selling. It turns out to be an induction into Rhys’ harsh mysterious world instead. Despite the intense, quick attraction between the two she has her own reservations as to why a relationship will not work between them.

Rhys Morgan is an immortal warrior that protects unsuspecting humans from the threat of demons. He gained the power of premonition when he transitioned into an immortal, and recently it has only shown him forthcoming deaths; one being Amy’s. His actions, though seemingly cruel, are all aimed at keeping her safe and out of his world. His reasoning for pushing her away despite the attraction is that everyone he starts to care for ends up dead.

Something is out there killing immortals, demon sightings are on the rise, and Rhys will have to ask for help from local immortals. Who is actually behind everything is unexpected; they are not sure what to do about it. On top of it all Rhys and Amy have to deal with their possible relationship before it is too late. Their minds are saying heck no to the relationship, while their bodies strongly disagree with what is said.

This story had an interesting and unique mythos for immortal warriors and demon species, I want to learn more about them. The hot romantic conflict that sizzles between Rhys and Amy is an added bonus. Point-of-view switches went smoothly, I always knew who was talking, and secondary characters' thoughts were brief and added to what was going on. I enjoyed this book as it had steamy intimate encounters balanced well with dangerous and exciting aspects. It also looks to be a really good beginning to a series and I look forward to the next one.

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