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ISBN: 1514889870
July 27, 2015
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
222 pages
Paranormal, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Haven Rowe was born from a line of magic users, but cannot do magic herself. She walks in on a demon kidnapping Jeremy, her brother, which sends her world reeling. She will do anything to get him back, even bartering herself to the demon, who she finds herself strangely attracted to. In spite of that she enlists the aid of a witch in order to find loopholes in the bargains.

Desiderus, a demon and the right-hand of Ba’al, is just handling business by retrieving Jeremy when he meets Haven. He finds himself oddly intrigued by her and plagued by a strong desire to own her. Despite any loophole, Haven might find Ba’al wishes to make her a succubus and tasks Desiderus to corrupt her. After all, as a demon he cannot actually have any feelings for a human, can he?

Along with her worries about her brother, she is caught by anti-magic zealots who drug and imprison her and, oh also marked by an evil witch. Desiderus rescues her and sees the mark, but will protect what he has claimed. Apart from her brother’s issues, Ba’al demands Desiderus binds her. Will her desire for the demon override her common sense? He just wants to make sure his property is safe, right?

This was a great read, and an enticing beginning to a new series that ropes you into wanting to see what is next. The setting was contemporary, but ripe with colorful characters that included demons, witches, and a mysterious anti-magic cult which gave an extra bit of thrill. The sexual chemistry bouncing between Haven and Desiderus was compelling and it practically sparked when they were together. I would highly suggest the read, but fair warning the characters and world can be addictive.

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