Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9780981746401
May 2011
Bristlecone Pine Press
335 Pages
Sweet Cowboy Romance, M/M, Recent Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Conveying his feelings through words is not easy for Allen Prescott, and what he feels for his best friend goes beyond any description. The stark reality of Allen’s life is set aside for one week a year, and he looks forward to that week like a man dying of thirst looks at a glass of water.

The last time Jim Crane saw his best friend just about killed him, and he vows that this week will be forever, or it will be the last. He cannot live a lie any longer, but even the thought of not being with the man he loves makes Jim not want to live at all.

The week is finally here, but for Allen the reunion does not go quite as planned, in fact it has completely taken him by surprise. Allen and Jim have known each other for years, but Allen never grasped the depth of Jim’s feelings for him or vice versa, until Jim laid it all on the line. One minute they are arguing, the next loving, and within days they are headed to Texas to start a life together, and it is scary and thrilling in equal measure. The Lazy L seems like the perfect setup for the summer, and all of the hard work on the small ranch may be just what these two cowboys need to see if they have what it takes to be together.

Everything about Allen and Jim feels so real and natural, it is almost like you are sitting in their living room listening to them tell you their story. There is nothing fancy about who and what they are, and their feelings for each other come across with the simplicity of total honesty. They drink, they smoke, they curse and they love like two people who have finally realized what they have and will do anything and everything to keep it. I am so excited to have read their story, and will most definitely add E.N. Holland to my list of favorite authors.

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