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A Cameron Andrews Mystery
ISBN#: 9781634860185
April 2016
JMS Books
195 Pages
Lesbian Mystery Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cameron Andrews is a DEA operative who loves her job. Having had a brother who died of an overdose, nothing gives her more pleasure than to get drugs off the street and the dealers who sell them in jail.

Tad Taylor is the eighteen year old son of John Taylor the US Ambassador to Argentina. Tad likes drugs and has without his being aware of it become entangled with the Cartel. Since he owes Carlos the youngest son of the local drug lord and leader of the Cartel money, things are about to go downhill fast.

When Cameron arrives in Argentina, her cover is to be there to help John Taylor with negotiations for a trade treaty. For once she is going to get to use her Masters Degree in International Affairs. However, it becomes apparent very quickly that in order to keep Tad from being harmed by the Cartel, she will have to assume another identity, that of a very wealthy Canadian woman named Laura Stuard. As she connects with members of the Cartel, and takes Tad along for the ride as her professed boy toy, in order to keep things real, she and Tad are able to play their roles very easily. However, there are those who are highly suspicious of Laura, and if her cover is blown, both she and Tad could pay with their lives. Will Cameron be able to pull off the drug bust of the century? Or will others within the Cartel discover her secret and endanger everything?

While not my usual fare for reading, meaning I mostly read books where the relationship/romance is the focus, I truly enjoyed Incognito. While there is very little in the way of romance, fair warning for those who might be confused by the genre listing, the suspense, and mystery is more than enough to keep readers interested. Cameron is a character who I definitely want to read more of! This story is very well written, and the author clearly did her research, and understood the different worlds that Cameron is a part of. This made the story much more realistic than say if someone who was not familiar with those worlds or didn't know how to research them, had written it. Also, I am hoping that Ms. D'Arnuk will at some point actually write Cameron and Michael's story, how they met and such in more detail. If you enjoy a mystery along with a lot of suspense, then I can very happily recommend Incognito!

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