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ISBN: 97803736198514/9781426879616
January 2011
Harlequin Nocturne, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
$5.25-USA/ $6.25-CAN-Print/ $4.99-eBook
281 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Meical Grabian wants to see the sun rise, and he wants to feel the rays wash over his face. Unfortunately as a vampire he has no choice but to stay away from the golden killer…until now.

Caroline Bengal has been through a tremendous amount of horror in her life. As an empath she tries to help those in need, even though that brought about her close call to death eight months ago.

Meical has agreed to be transformed from a regular blood-sucking vampire into an incubus, a passion-seeking vampire. He does not realize the ties he has to Caroline go much deeper than the need to feel her passion burn throughout his body. But time is running out, not only because her past is catching up to her in the form of a deadly killer, but because the experiment may not last. When it comes down to choosing between meeting the dawn knowing it will cause his demise or turning into something quite dangerous and possibly hurting the woman he loves, can Meical fight the monster inside of him and make the choice that will keep his woman safe?

Incubus is a very well written story with many different facets that allows the reader to enjoy this tale. Science meets the paranormal world as we read the journey the experiment takes Meical on. Ms. Jones gives us not only a sexy incubus, but a woman who may have been down for the count but is definitely not dead. Her will to survive, as well as the compassion she shows for Meical, gives this story heart. This is an adventurous book that contains sex, a smoking hot man, a strong woman, and a deadly foe. Enjoy this tale well -- I know I did.

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