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The Boys of Bishop
Book 1: Wild Child
Book 2: Never Been Kissed
Book 3: Between the Sheets
Book 4: Indecent Proposal

The Boys of Bishop, Book 4
ISBN# 9780345549051
September 30, 2014
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ryan Kaminski is not the type of girl to jump into a one-night stand. Still, not even she can resist the handsome, brooding man getting drunk at her bar. When the Southern gentleman shows her a night of unbridled passion, she figures that will be all she gets.

Harrison Montgomery does not make mistakes, especially not the kind that can come back to bite his political ass. When he discovers that his casual liaison with Ryan resulted in a pregnancy, he has one option. Marry Ryan and put the scandal to rest.

Ryan cannot believe that Harrison and her beautiful, emotionally vulnerable stranger can be the same guy. She would rather have her baby in peace, but being broke, jobless, and out of options leaves her with no choice but to accept the ridiculous proposal. Still, how can Ryan protect her heart when she begins to see beneath Harrison’s hard shell to discover that man who touched her on such a profound level?

Readers will immediately be sucked into the deep emotion portrayed between Ryan and Harrison. It is really no stretch to imagine a scandalous cover up, but the cold machinations of Harrison’s family make them hard to forgive. In the end this is a fresh take on the wrong side of the tracks storyline.

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