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ISBN#: 9781936110007
January 2011
Sugar and Spice Press
243 Pages
Interracial Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Shaundra hates to fly which becomes a problem when her editor requests she fly to Japan for a combined promotion with the boy band Aomori. Little does she know meeting the members will change her life forever.

Ichiro and Yori of Aomori are both drawn to Shaundra at first sight. Unfortunately, there are just a few obstacles in the way; a lifetime of friendship, an ocean, and age just to name a few.

Shauna is floored by how much Yori and Ichiro appeal to her; they are both the same age as her sons. Yori and Ichiro are blindsided by their attraction to Shaundra and a happy ending seems out of reach.

In Deep Kimchi is exactly where the characters are. I was amazed by Imari Jade’s ability to keep the reader completely in the dark until the very last moment. Just when I thought I figured it out, the author threw in another loop. The writings of Imari Jade have always been amazing, but In Deep Kimchi is one step above anything I have read. I must warn you I was captured from the first page and read the whole story in one sitting. If you think you can handle an amazing cougar story then pick up In Deep Kimchi and fall into a sizzling romance or two.

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