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ISBN# 9781426894749 / 9781426894763
December 2012
Carina Press
63 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ryan Porter is a sculptor with the ability to bend and mold any metal to his will. His independent, confident and strong-willed Mountie is no different, delighting in his dominant ways in the bedroom. However, the infrequent visits are frustrating them both.

Megan Sullivan is coming home for Christmas to her longtime boyfriend, Ryan. Due to her job as a Mountie, which has kept her away in the arctic, and his family obligations, they have been unable to meet more than a couple of times a year for limited periods. Now this Mountie wants to keep her man on permanent basis.

Both of them have a surprise in store for each other on Christmas, but first they have to make up for the lost time. Maybe, Ryan will finally tell Megan that all he wants and desires is her more than anything.

This is not just another erotic hot Christmas story, but much much more. Readers get to feel their frustrations, hopes and dreams with them. The author writes and portrays the difficulties of long distance relationships beautifully, how love, trust, understanding of each other’s feelings and problems can actually overcome them. Everyone knows how difficult it is to maintain trust, especially if long distance. This story will encourage readers to take a chance, giving tips on how to make it work. A must read for all.

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