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ISBN: 9780373732210 / 9781460300664
January 2013
Harlequin Desire
190 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Being a twin is a task within itself. A lot of tricks and games can be played. Being compared and weaknesses being exposed is something Jordan Cooper is used to dealing with. Having to be jolted back into the past is something he would rather not relive. What he is to find is beyond his wildest dreams or nightmares. What he wants to hide about one night long ago may come to bite him in so many ways.

Angie Montoya has not felt welcomed in the world Justin Cooper lives in. She does not expect to be best buds with his family and friends, but being their target was not in her plans. When she has a few surprises of her own, she decides to keep her distance. The heartache and reminders of one fatalful night seem to follow her wherever she goes even though she is careful to hide from the cold-hearted family.

When a private investigator finds Angie, Jordan is not prepared for what is relayed. He has to go in person to deal with the new situation that will surely cause chaos. Is it true? Will Angie forgive him for their past? Will she allow him to assist her with making a future? Angie wants to never see anyone from the Cooper family again, especially not Jordan. He wanted her relationship with his twin to fail. She has secrets they can never find out, or they will try to take over her life. Will her bundle of joy cause her to lose her freedom and distance from the wretched family?

In His Brother's Place is a heart-wrenching and captivating romance. It took a while for me to warm up to Jordan. Having Lucas in this novel made for better characters and personality to be shown for everyone. Lucas is easy to fall in love with and he makes people act out of character. He demands attention and a change in the normal daily routine. He does it so innocently. Martha, Mrs. Cooper, Trevor, Angie, and Jordan have no idea what is to come. However, Lucas does. He states what he wants from the beginning, and he wants to make sure he can get it. The plot thickens as time goes on and makes for a great read. The environment the characters live in assists with the building of great intimacy shown in this book. Sometimes it is better not to fight the inevitable as all these characters are soon to see. This novel was really touching and showed how out-of-the-box can really work!

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