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ISBN# 9781619223677
August 26, 2014
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
207 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Glenn Brody, musician, former Glasgow gang member, and convicted murderer, has turned over a new leaf. Purchasing a large Victorian manor house in the rural Scottish village of Ardknocken, he and a select handful of his fellow reformed convicts set out to become contributing members to society. But Glenn has an extra skill which his housemates do not: the gift of “second sight.” For years, he has dreamt of an unknown young woman; intense, erotic dreams which he had always dismissed as fantasy. That is, until he meets this young woman face to face. Battling an undeniable attraction to the mysterious Izzy Ross, Glenn comes to understand that his dreams are trying to tell him something. He will need to pay attention to them if he is going to save her from a past which is on the verge of catching up with her.

Izzy Ross and her young son have settled in the village of Ardknocken because of its isolation and small population. It is the perfect place to hide from her abusive husband; a top figure in Glasgow’s organized crime scene. One drawback to Ardknocken’s isolation; however, is that work is hard to come by. With little in the way of options, Izzy approaches the dangerous, infamous (and incredibly sexy) Glenn Brody about a cleaning job at Ardknocken house. It is a risk, especially since all of the ex-con housemates are treated like pariahs by the villagers, but it is one Izzy is willing to take to support her son. Working in such close proximity to Glenn, Izzy soon sees another side to him: beneath the hardened exterior is a man who is sensitive, witty, and fiercely protective. They are qualities she’ll need when her husband finally tracks her down.

Bolstered by Izzy’s faith in him, Glenn finds a sense of self-worth that he has never had as a member of Glasgow’s criminal underbelly. Together, they create a spirited, touching, and page-turning adventure of love, loyalty and desire. A paranormal twist complete with a matronly ghost adds a unique flavor to this satisfying and sizzling love story.

This book had me hooked from page one. The attraction between Glenn and Izzy is intense, but progresses naturally which I appreciated. Descriptive, erotic passages are appropriate and well-written, adding to the richness of the story as a whole. With its compelling love story, endearing ancillary characters, and sequences of suspense and action, In His Wildest Dreams is everything a paranormal romance should be. Four cups, and a hearty cheers!

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