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ISBN: 10: 1456310542/ 13: 978-1456310547
October 2010
352 Pages
Fiction/ Women's/Mainstream
Rating: 5 Cups

Leah Tyler’s life was very normal by many people’s standard. Two parents who gave her a semi privileged life, a younger sister who worshipped her, a future lined up as a star soccer player as well as an Ivy League school for college. But all her plans and dreams change when she meets Todd.

Zoe and Will Tyler have tried the best they can at raising their two daughters, but know a snowball has been let loose in their lives when Leah begins to change before their eyes. They now question themselves, their marriage, and wonder whose fault this whole mess is. They also wonder if their family can survive this large obstacle in their path.

As Leah fights for more independence from her parents, believing they are ruining her life, her sister Justine is fighting battles within herself with whether her parents realize she is there too and whether the God she believes in still exists? Questions and hard choices from this whole family will either prove futile or release the sorrow and hardships they all are going through.

Where do I start? What an emotional read Ms. Giuliano Long has written both from the parent’s perspective as well as a teenager. I could so totally relate on both ends being both a parent who raised a teenager and once being a teenager who thought I knew more than my own parents. Leah’s Wake takes you on that roller coaster of life that many of us take and think that we are alone in many situations, but soon find ourselves much stronger after going through the trials we go through both as a teenager growing and a parent who’s learning. Kudo’s to Ms. Giuliano Long on a job well done writing a book worthy of your shelf space.

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