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ISBN: Unavailable
July, 2010
Midnight Showcase Fiction
166 Pages
Rating 5 cups

Bethany Dailet falls down a hole and straight into intrigue. Discovering the ancient tomb, buried for three thousand years, she has come upon every archeologists dream completely by accident. But when the handsome bandit almost runs her down in the square, he pulls her into a web of desire that makes her rethink everything she thinks she knows.

Al-Shar has gone masked to feed his people and help those in need for quite some time. When running from the authorities, he nearly runs down an American beauty who steals his breath. When she is dumped at his feet by a criminal and offered for purchase, he buys her and decides to deal with the consequences later.

But when a prince steps in and tries his hand at winning Bethany’s, she finds herself torn between two men, each equally dashing and romantic in their own right and each with an equal portion of her heart. Who will she chose or will the curse of the tomb take her life before she can pick?

From a castle filled with pillows and smoke, to the middle of the desert during a sandstorm, the reader gets transported with Bethany from one exotic setting to the next. With the two men she falls for such desirable and passionate creatures, it is no wonder she is torn and the reader will chuckle as this complicated plot unravels and takes you away to a land of silk and mystery.

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