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Three Magic Words Romances

Book 1: A Forever Thing
Book 2: In Shining Whatever

A Three Magic Words Romance, Book 2
ISBN#: 9780803474673
June 7, 2012
Avalon Books
208 Pages
Fiction, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When Kate Miller fell in love for the first and only time, it was with the star of the high school football team, and she was, well…nobody, at least that is how it felt at the time. Fifteen years later Kate is back in Texas, unfortunately her teenage heartthrob never left.

High school kids make some really stupid mistakes, and ditching Kate for Stephanie was the pinnacle of stupidity for Hart Ducaine. In his own defense he was just a kid heading off to college, now he is a man on a mission.

Stephanie’s death comes as a shock to everyone, although Kate knows for an absolute fact that Hart had nothing to do with it. She jeopardizes her position with the police force to get him off the hook, all the while it is her heart that is really taking a beating. Getting out of Texas and back on the bayou is Kate’s way of coping, but Hart does not give up that easily. He makes a beeline for the deep-south and right into the path of one very wily and formidable Cajun grandma.

If the world were perfect we would all have a grandma like Kate’s, or maybe that would be hell on earth. Either way, life would definitely be entertaining, just like this story. Maw Maw has a whole lot of Cajun wisdom to impart on Kate and Hart, which they had better heed if they know what is good for them. Kate can be a pain in the back side on more than one occasion, but Hart is a big boy, and he gives as good as he gets.

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