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Constable Molly Brown
Book 1: In the Shadow of the Glacier
Book 2: Valley of the Lost
Book 3: Winter of Secrets
Book 4: Negative Image
Book 5: Among the Departed
Book 6: A Cold White Sun
Book 7: Under Cold Stone

Constable Molly Smith Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9780373269563
1 August 2015
313 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rookie Constable Molly Smith has her hands full when she discovers the body of Reginald Montgomery. The cause of death is obviously not natural and the list of suspects is long. Still, Molly is determined to discover the killer and get justice for Reginald.

As Molly digs further into Reginald Montgomery’s life, she is hard pressed to find anyone who did not want him dead. His plan to put a resort in town made him unpopular. Even the wildlife activists hated him.

The closer Molly gets to Reginald’s killer, the closer the killer gets to Molly. The details of the case begin to creep closer to home. Soon Molly worries that she might be next.

Molly Smith is a plucky and all too human crime solver. Readers will enjoy her distinctive voice and also the unique Canadian setting of the book. This is the first in this series and although this publisher only has this book available, readers should rest easy knowing other versions of the subsequent books are still available.

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