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ISBN: 9781452444277
March 10, 2010
Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company
80 Pages
Christian, Religious Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

The Allens are just like the rest of us; trying to make a life that benefits all. Mom, Suzanne, is mostly a single parent half the year raising four teens, while Dad, Robert, is a professional football player. Life is tough, yet rewarding.

The four teens are Craig, Larry, Brent, and Sharon. The boys are all into sports and Sharon loves art. They are typical hardworking teens that respect their parents and each has their own dreams and goals.

When life throws a curve ball at the Allen's world, all is not the same for them and each handles the situation differently. Some embrace their religion while others find more reason to not believe in God. The key is not to be destroyed when you are thrown into the fire.

I enjoyed this strange tale and seeing how others handle life's ups and downs. I liked how close this family was, yet strived toward different goals. Unfortunately, I felt very disappointed when it seemed to be the end of the book, yet strangely there is another book branching out that made me feel confused as to just where the story does end. So please use your own judgment on this one.

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