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ISBN #: 9781311752260
December 2013
Prairie Rose Publications
$ 4.99
230 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Ethan Barstow is on a search for his brother when he discovers a woman in need of help. He has no idea the woman is also searching for his brother.

Kate Kinsella is traveling alone when she happens upon Ethan. She is obliged to him for his help, but after learning who he is, she wonders if it is safe to be in his company.

Kate must find Charlie Barstow. He took off, leaving his fiancée behind, never realizing she is carrying his baby. After meeting Ethan, she is a bit troubled. Charlie had told her his brother was nothing but a liar, killer, and swindler. Kate considers trying to escape, but Ethan believes they should travel together since they are looking for the same person. After learning a woman broke his brother's heart, Ethan feels he needs to be there for Charlie. They also need to patch up their past differences. Kate hopes to find Charlie and convince him to return home. As Kate and Ethan embark on their journey, many obstacles stand in their path, but none is bigger than the one that slowly begins in their hearts for the other.

Into the Land of Shadows is a must read. The story is filled with dynamic characters that really put punch into every page. The setting allows the reader to visualize the whole atmosphere of the story. Secondary characters blend in, making the action stand out as dastardly players come into play. The romance builds up slowly between Kate and Ethan, allowing the reader to share in their happiness and sorrow. Kristy McCaffrey tells a story that is engaging and edge-of-the-seat gripping. Her vivid descriptions and great cast of characters, with exceptional dialogue, bring this story to life.

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