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ISBN# 9781607775317
December 2012
Ravenous Romance
164 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Rating: 4 cups

Ella Hustad does not believe in the supernatural, even though she is a telepath. She is not one to really accept anything about vampires or even believe she is turning into a succubus.

Dominic Sebastian cannot take his eyes off Ella when he first sees her. When he learns about her and the secret about her blood, he is even more intrigued.

Ella sees her being a telepath as a blessing. It is almost like reading horoscopes or palms. She wants Dominic the moment she meets him. He is surprised to learn that Ella is a non-believer of vampires. In over a thousand years, he wonders if falling for Ella is the right thing. She happens to be a benefactor who can hurt herself if she does not donate her blood on a regular basis. It could cost her life. As a benefactor, she has the ability to donate to vampires and save humans, yet she is in danger and Dominic must protect her when others seek her possession. While they hold onto their fierce attraction, he must keep her from any harm.

Intoxication is certainly a story that takes off like a fast-moving train. It does not take long for Ella and Dominic to dive into heated passion. When the two unite, the chemistry between them is steamy and full of compassion. Ella’s good friend, Kate, is a good addition to the storyline. All the characters are effective in their role to make the story come alive for the reader. Ms. De Paulo pens a tale with fast-paced action and characters the reader can warm up to. The magic she creates, along with the intense suspense surrounding Ella, keeps the reader absorbed until the end. She fashions Ella into an amazing woman.

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