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ISBN #: 9781600889622
June 2015
Cobblestone Press
58 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kat is a Galaxy Spy in a universe where humans live only on ships since Earth was destroyed long ago.

Jason is Kat’s spy sidekick and lover.

When Kat and Jason are tasked with finding out just what Gus Baitton’s hiding, neither has any idea what that could be. What with ships disappearing and Gus being so secretive, Kat has no choice but to use her erotic wiles on him and find out just what is going on. Fortunately for her, Jason does not mind waiting until after the mission is over to resume their sexual escapades. Will the pair be able to stop a nefarious friend of Gus’ from destroying all Gus’ hard work, and in the process save humanity?

While I enjoyed reading this book, it felt more like it was part of a much larger storyline. I felt as though I were missing many key details. The world building was certainly intriguing, and I would love to know more about it and humanity living in space, I also would have liked to known much more about the mission that Kat and Jason were on and about Gus’ work. This story is well written, but I felt as though I were missing a slew of back story, and it felt like the storyline needed to be much more developed.

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