Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781936110766
July 2010
Sugar and Spice Press
93 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Isabella has been dealt several blows over the previous months with the biggie being the death of her beloved father and a personal attack. Unfortunately, she and her new partner fail to find a way to get along so it would appear to be for the best if she left and sold her shares.

Jake has a very low opinion of Isabella but unfortunately without her the business is failing, so he asks her to come back. Once he gets to know the real woman, he believes his first impression was all wrong.

Jake and Isabella finally find their way together both personally and professionally and just when the future is brightest, jealousy and misunderstanding rear their ugly head. Jake runs and Isabella is left making her way alone--both personally and professionally. Just when she thinks all is lost, Jake returns, but will he stay?

Isabella and Jake's story is so close to being realistic -- with jealousy and misunderstanding being the key. I loved the characters and sympathized with all of them, especially Isabella. The story moves at a smooth pace and the transitions keep the reader entertained and engaged. This is my first Anna James story but in no way will it be my last.

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