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ISOLATION (The Saa'ar Chronicles)
ISBN# 978-0-85715-906-9
March 5, 2012
271 Pages
Sci-Fi/ Futuristic
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Dana Sinclair signs up for a mission, which includes a stop-over at a space station. The Saa’ar and head doctor die mysteriously and she is put in charge. She has to work with Ethan, the second in command, to investigate, and wonders if she can trust him. While looking into the facts, they grow closer.

Ethan O’Riley, a disabled veteran, signs up for the trip to try and get away from his past. What is happening looks questionable. He has to get everyone else to use their individual skills, regardless if it makes him look good or jeopardizes what is growing between him and Dana.

The mission to go to the Saa’ar's home planet is put on pause by the deaths of the Saa’ar traveling with them and leaving everyone isolated at the space station. Suspicions are raised and people will have to pool their specialties together to find out the truth. Will they remain isolated? Will they figure out what is going on? And is Ethan really on the bad guy’s side?

The characters felt real and the plot was original. I learned about the technology and world in a way that was entertaining. I did not feel I was being lectured to. I did not want to stop reading, and tried to limit myself so it would not end too soon, but at the same time wanting it to go faster to see what happened next. Dana and Ethan were written in a way that made me love them. I felt their ups and downs together, along with sympathizing with the other characters, even if they were the bad guys. One of my favorite parts was when Ethan told Dana how he felt. It consisted of a fake injury, a marker, tape, and his knee … Yeah, he is not romantic ... I thought that this book was awesome and loved it. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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