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ISBN#: 9781681751078
November 2015
Amber Quill Press
54 Pages
Gay / Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Ethan is a gay wedding planner, in fact, he is the most sought after gay wedding planner in Texas. He has all the business he can handle now that the Marriage Equality Act has passed, so it is no surprise when a former client asks him to oversee her cousin’s wedding. The only problem is, Ethan is just starting his well earned vacation. Still, it will engender good will, and he does love weddings, so he decides to do it.

Noah is a doctor and close friend of Ethan’s former client. Noah is there as a friend of the former client and cousin’s family to attend the wedding.

When Ethan agrees to take on overseeing a wedding during his vacation, he has no idea he is about to meet the man of his dreams. But is Noah attracted to him? Ethan is not sure at first since Noah is a bit socially awkward. However, it does not take long for Ethan to realize that the attraction is mutual. Too bad their dates keep getting sidelined by first an allergy, and then one of them getting sick. Is all this bad luck a sign this relationship cannot work?

It Will Rain On Our Wedding Day is a lovely contemporary m/m romance that I enjoyed reading very much. Some of the obstacles Ethan and Noah had to overcome to get their happy ending were very realistic, but they each handled them with panache. While the romance happened quickly in this story, the author did a splendid job of making it so real that it did not seem as though it could not happen that way. If you are looking for a positive, happy, but realistic read, and you love m/m romance, you are going to adore It Will Rain On Our Wedding Day by Skylar Jaye!

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