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The Guardian League
Book 1: Jasper

The Guardian League, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781910899229
August 2015
Luminosity Publishing, LLP
227 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tatiana is a normal girl who wishes for the one thing most women want; a man who loves her and her alone, eyes only for her, and a love to last a lifetime. She knows it is but a dream but she seems to begin seeing the man of her dreams when she is awake. What is a girl to do when the perfect angel introduces himself and looks at her like she is the answer to all his questions?

Jasper has never desired a mate and therefore was sidelined when his perfect angel shows up in delectable human flesh. The only problem is she does not trust him or his feelings and that is before he reveals who, or should he say, what he really is.

Tatiana has little experience with a good man, and most of the ones she has dated have been no better than pond scum. Jasper has no idea how to make Tatiana understand she is the one for him and he could never lie. Tatiana is faced with perfection and unable to believe he could want such an imperfect being; will she destroy all their chances or will she hang on to the man of her dreams?

The story of Jasper and Tatiana is a wonderful read. The writing of T.K Lawyer is intriguing and draws the reader into the action. Tatiana is a frustrating woman at times but hang on and Jasper will make the book well worth the read. I loved all the characters and would like to see how the others in the Guardian League met their mates and what the future holds for them all. I recommend the romance of Jasper and Tatiana and the adventures of the Guardian League.

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