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ISBN# 9781453864975
October 2010
Eirelander Publishing
E Book, Print
134 pages
Paranormal, Ghosts, Alien Demons
Rating: 4 Cups

Deny, Deny, Deny. Just because you are a father figure for a five year old ghost does not mean that dreams are real. Ten Hughes chooses to hide in his normal mechanic’s life even though his dreams are the only place where the ass-kicking, alien demon, love of his life exists.

A ghost that is not exactly a ghost makes for an interesting roommate. Five year old Denny has lived in Ten’s house since Ten was a boy himself. What was Denny’s best friend is now his father, the only thing better would be to have a mother, too. If pushing Ten into something he does not want to do will get him that, what could it hurt?

After Ten is conned into taking a job as a medium to investigate a haunted house, his dream and waking worlds are forced together. Now he’s getting arrested for dimensional travel without a license, questioned about an unexplained death of an innocent man, and forced to face the facts of his past.

I must admit that I’ve never read a story from the man’s point of view that I really liked. This is the first one, and it really worked. Ten is a great character who really captured me. His interactions with the ghosts make it clear he is used to it, all the while hiding all of the rest of the weird things he can do. I also love the haunted house and that numerous members of the family stayed with it after they passed. I’m looking forward to the next installment in this series.

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