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Whitedell Pack

Book 1: Jamie
Book 2: Derrick
Book 3: Nolan
Book 4: Fin
Book 5: Jeremy
Book 6: Oliver

Whitedell Pride Book 5
ISBN#: 9781487402143
February 2015
Extasy Books
118 Pages
Adult, GLBT, gay, paranormal, erotic romance, shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Jeremy is the father of a three-year-old which does not leave him a lot of time to make friends. His wife left him after she had the baby and he has been a single father ever since.

Denver is a tiger shifter who thinks he is just passing through Whitedell. He is basically hired muscle to help the local packs.

When Jeremy meets Jamie and Keenan during a trip to the grocery store, he finds himself fascinated by the tall man with them. Having never been attracted to men before, he is finding it hard to understand why this one intrigues him so much. On the other hand Denver knows almost instantly that Jeremy who is human is his mate, there is only one problem, Denver does not want a mate. So, he decides not to tell Jeremy and after all he will be going soon, right? But his plans do not work out quite as expected, even when he is rude to Jeremy. Then one innocent action on Jeremy’s part changes everything, and opens a whole new world to him. But will he be able to handle Denver’s world, and what about the secrets regarding his ex-wife and son that come to light?

Wow! Totally LOVED this book! I love reading new books by new authors with their own take on shifters, and this book was very enjoyable. The interaction between Denver, Jeremy and his son just really made this book in my opinion. I really thought the way the author handled the whole straight/not straight issue very well and realistically. I really enjoyed the Whitedell pack and learning about them, and now I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the books in this series. If you love m/m and you love shifters you do not want to miss this series, or this book!

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