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ISBN#: 9781942184331
September 2015
The Romance Authors, LLC
123 Pages
M/M Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tanner Sellers is twenty-two years old and owns and runs Jesse’s Diner. Jesse the original owner left it to him when he passed away. He keeps to himself for the most part, except for a few close friends. He wants to be in a relationship in the worst way. If he had his choice it would be with his best friend’s dad Steve Faus.

Steve Faus lost his partner Jesse eighteen months ago. He is successful at his job, has a college age son he loves and gets along with, but something is missing from his life. He misses being in a monogamous relationship.

When Mike, Steve’s son, and Tanner’s best friend, calls Tanner and tells him that his dad got sent home on forced leave and that he is worried about him, and asks Tanner to check on him, Tanner does not really want to do it at first. Not because he does not care about Steve, but because he is afraid his attraction to Steve might become noticeable. Tanner has wanted Steve since before Jesse died though he would never tell anyone or do anything about the attraction while Jesse was alive. Still he wants to help his friend, so he takes dinner over to Steve’s and each of the men discovers they enjoy each other’s company. It snowballs from there until they are having dinner every night, and then Steve reveals his own attraction to Tanner. Will Tanner act on their mutual attraction? What about when he discovers that Mike was less than honest with him about his dad’s situation?

Jesse’s Diner is a fantastic love story about having a second chance at love for one man, and a real chance at true love for the other.’ I really enjoyed this story and the slow build up of the relationship between Steve and Tanner. It really cracked me up what Mike, Steve’s son, did to get his best friend and his dad together. The lovemaking is scorching and so emotional that at times it brought me almost to tears. Just simply one of the best contemporary love stories I have read in a while. Check it out, you will not be sorry!

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