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ISBN: 1449502075, EAN: 9781449503072
February 2010
Paperback / Trade Paperback
244 Pages
Science Fiction (space opera) / Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Being a very gifted psionic at such a young age leaves Special Lieutenant Jewels Enbran very little in the way of friends or colleagues. Her one and only true friend and mentor is Colonel Jeremy Lingley who also holds the position as her anchor.

The planets of Felinia are under attack, and it is up to the Gatoan King Loudroar and Crown Prince Dex to secure aid from the humans before the Lupines take control. Dex also has a much more personal issue to address if he is to ever be able to take over for his father.

Over the years, Jewels has gone through several anchors, and every time she loses one it hurts her a little more, but the thought of losing Jeremy is inconceivable. He is more attuned to her than any of the others until she meets Prince Dex. The first brush of his mind leaves her struggling to survive, and the intensity of longing is something she has never before experienced. The feeling is completely mutual, but there is a sinister game underfoot that is rife with treason, mutiny, and manipulation decades in the making.

The visuals that this story creates are amazing. A sentient lion and lupine/humanoid species bent on destroying one another while putting Earth right smack in the middle of their feud is an extraordinary concept. However it is the delivery that I feel lacks a certain sophistication and finesse. The names are maybe too trite to take seriously, and the characters are a little over-the-top when it comes to their abilities and actions.

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