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A Lucky Springs Story, Book 1
ISBN: 9781607352402
February 2011
Resplendence Publishing
74 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance; Interracial; Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

Cassie Hawks is known for her work behind the camera. When she spots some very interesting action going on next door, she can feel the itch to not only take some pictures, but to get in front of the camera and join in.

Dominic Meriwether has wanted Cassie for a long time, but is afraid to ask her to one of their orgies knowing it may just scare her away.

Alex and Monty are in a relationship with each other. Most of the small town knows they are a couple but they do not realize they also like to include women in their sexual trysts from time to time.

Ham is the one into dominating. There is nothing like bending a woman over and turning her butt a nice pink color with his hand or a paddle.

Cassie goes from peeping into her neighbor’s windows to actively participating with the four sexy men. They each give her something different when they bring their sexy selves to the bedroom. While Ham is in it only for the fun of it, Dom knows he has brought his whole heart with him. If he cannot get Cassie to accept their relationship and leave most of her globetrotting behind, he is afraid it will leave him broken hearted forever. Will Cassie be able to see past all the sensual delights that surround her and realize that Alex, Monty, and Dom want her to be with them forever?

Who does not like a fantastic tale that includes male on male action, ménages, orgies, and intense sexual encounters between a loving couple, voyeurism, and just about every fantasy imaginable played before your very eyes? I like how Ms. Dragon leaves enough of a story hanging that we know that Ham will get a story and hopefully Cassie’s cousin Jessica will too. Joining the Party is full of hedonistic scenarios that leave you tingling for more. While the storyline is not the strongest, the sexual encounters leave you so hot you just might set off the smoke detectors in your house. Very nicely done.

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