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ISBN #: 9780345516107
August 2010
444 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Julie Jacobs has spent most of her life floating, not really sure who she is. She has been constantly overshadowed and often humiliated by her sister, Janice. The two were orphaned young and raised by her Aunt Rose and Rose’s butler, Umberto.

Alessandro Santini lives in Siena and is a chief of security. He is handsome, arrogant and very powerful and well known in the city.

The real inspirations for the story of Romeo and Juliet did not live in Verona but Siena. Julie is a descendant of Giulietta Tolomei’s twin sister, Gianozza. She and her twin were born there and their parents died under mysterious and tragic circumstances. She did not find this out until the death of her beloved aunt, who sends her to find herself and her destiny in the land of her birth. Love, danger, a family curse, and a treasure await her.

This book combines two exciting and totally involving stories. The first takes place in the present time and the second in the fourteenth century. The two Giuliettas have many parallels in their lives but live in very different times. The modern Giulietta must find her Romeo to break the curse. Of the twins, she is the idealistic dreamer. I really disliked Janice/Gianozza in the beginning, but she became less self-involved in the end. The author does a great job of keeping the reader off balance with intricate twists and turns in the plot. At times it is difficult to identify the good guys and the bad guys and some good ones turn bad and vice versa. Both the contemporary and historical romances had me enthralled and fascinated. I will never look at the Shakespeare play in the same way again.

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