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ISBN: 1463792514
August 2011
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274 Pages
Adventure Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

With her archeological grant money nearly exhausted, Alexandria Langley still has not discovered the location of the ancient Mayan city. When she is forced to accept a cocky photographer on her team, she tries to mask her ire. However, he dogs her every move with determination, even as he fails to impress her with his seductive smile.

Coerced into an unplanned assignment, photojournalist, Mitch Hassett, nevertheless discovers he has a soft-spot when it comes to the haughty, cool leader of the expedition, Alex Langley. His job is two-fold: find the missing artifacts and protect Alex without letting her know his true purpose.

Sparks fly between the two from the start. The heat of the humid and unforgiving jungle seems a perfect setting for the fireworks exploding between Mitch and Alex. However, later a blazing inferno forces the tiny group into a hasty retreat. Regrouping at the base of a hulking concrete bunker, the exhausted team members seek asylum within; however, Mitch is nowhere to be found.

The author excels at providing just enough descriptive detail to keep the mind-movie rolling through my head. Carefully calibrated and artfully delivered, the conversations flowed naturally. I loved the writing style and the voice of this novel. There were plenty of twists to keep me guessing what the outcome would be. For me, however, the whole, massive conspiracy operation just seemed too farfetched. I tried to suspend disbelief, but more often than not, those attempts felt futile to me, so I would mentally shrug and continue reading. I enjoyed the rapport between the characters and I adored the vast jungle setting. This book was a fast read for me, because I could not easily dislodge the images that cavorted with abandon in the recesses of my imagination.

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