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Tribal Bond Series

Book 1: Just a Vampire
Book 2: An Alpha's Pride

ISBN#: 1619263750
February 2012
Siren Publishing
153 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Rowan Connelly is a werewolf on the make. He thinks he is going to go out find someone and have a hot night, but he gets more than he bargained for.

Luca Ucathya is a vampire and Electus or leader for his tribe. He has planned to meet Rowan and now has his chance.

Luca met Rowan’s brother when the man created a website for his motel. He saw Rowan’s picture in his brother’s office and knew instantly he had to have Rowan, as he was so drawn to the photo. However, he is unaware that Rowan is a werewolf. Since vampires and werewolves do not get along this creates a bit of a sticky situation for the pair. When it quickly becomes apparent they are mates, the stickiness factor goes even higher. Couple that with the fact that Rowan is not the submissive mate Luca always thought he would have, and the sparks fly! It does not take Rowan long to have the entire tribe in an uproar with his antics, but Luca’s tribe are not the only ones watching and when Rowan is kidnapped, Luca almost loses what little of his sanity he has left. Will Luca save the werewolf he has grown to love in time? Or is everything as it appears? Maybe not, because there is more going on than either Luca, Rowan, Luca’s tribe, the local werewolf pack, or Rowan’s kidnapper are aware of and if they do not all get with the program rather quickly, something truly awful could happen.

I have to admit the title of this book had me really intrigued, and I was very happy to be the one to get to review it. I have reviewed a number of Ms. Glenn’s books in the past and have loved them all, but I have to admit, this one has now become one of my favorites. Rowan tries so hard to be what Luca needs, but he just cannot seem to resist staying out of trouble. There was more than one spot that had me laughing out loud to the point that people were poking their head into my office to enquire what was so funny. This coupled with the great plot, stellar world building, and singe worthy love scenes makes this book a keeper! If you love paranormal romance, and hot man on man action then you do not want to miss Just a Vampire by Stormy Glenn.

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