Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781161572235
October 2010
Eternal Press
130 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Justine has always supported fundraisers for breast cancer. When she is talked into being auctioned off, she begins to wonder why she did not just hand over money instead.

Ryan is one of the men being auctioned off and is surprised when his bid begins to hit the thousands. Even more surprising is when a hot woman walks out onto the stage and promptly purchases him for ten thousand dollars.

Justine never expected to meet a man like Ryan at the auction, much less buy him. When he turns around and purchases her, she knows he feels the instant attraction she feels for him. As their lives steam up and love develops between them, Ryan’s sister continues her battle with breast cancer, which leads him to some life altering decisions. This leads to some deep soul searching and intervention from people who care and refuse to see him throw away all that is good in his life.

Justine’s Auction was a beautiful tale. I could tell that the topic of breast cancer is a heartfelt subject through Ms. Murray’s words as I could practically feel the love, support, and fears that came from the different characters affected by the disease. The part where Ryan is “bought” the second time around was especially touching as it gives the reader some insight into how people react as well as deal with the results of the cancer. While I did want to choke Ryan more than a few times within this book, I must say by the end I was feeling much better about him and ended up finishing it with a smile on my face.

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