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ISBN#: 9781476730608
December 31, 2013
Gallery Books
400 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Kasie Fitzgerald is the quintessential good girl. She has the right job, the right attitude, and the right fiancé to assure her place in good company. Every move is planned and precise, from her carefully asexualized clothing to the amount of money she and Dave budgeted for an engagement ring. Then one night in Vegas she gives in to the secret desire to flirt with a stranger.

Mr. Dade is a high roller whose casual disregard for rules fascinates Kasie. A suggestion from Kasie’s best friend to try and relax turns into a one-night stand she will never forget. Assuring herself it is only one slip up, she goes back to her regular life. Except one night is just not enough for a woman discovering she is sick to death of dancing to everyone else’s tune.

Now Kasie is on the fast track to ruin and cannot seem to step away. Her coworkers think she is sleeping her way to the top. Dave has turned angry and sadistic while showing an abusive side to his personality Kasie never suspected. And in the center of the maelstrom stands Mr. Robert Dade with an offer Kasie’s mind and body could never refuse.

This fantastic story is the perfect balance of sensuality and human frailty. I never expected to so thoroughly empathize with a heroine experiencing fidelity issues. Readers will love the push/pull of Kasie’s journey of personal growth as she unpacks her baggage and deals with the reality of work and personal life while wrestling with a fierce attraction to the bad boy none of us can resist. I could not put it down!

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