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ISBN: 9781619796720
March 2012
Leap of Faith
313 Pages
Urban Fantasy Romance; Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anastasia ‘Ana’ Plum is a witch/puma shifter in a town of shifters, Cedar River, which has existed among humans for decades without them knowing. She is an anomaly for the shifter kind and would have been put down when still a kid without the Golden family’s intervention. Dragon shifters and head of the dragon council, they adopt her. Due to her dual nature of witch and shifter, she is the town’s leading troublemaker since she enters her teens.

Bowie Golden is the eldest son of the Golden family and the Sheriff of Cedar River. His job is to protect the town. Up until now, it has only been from Ana, the local hell raiser, usually bailed out by his other brothers. The golden boy of the town, he suddenly notices that Ana is a woman, not a child anymore, and breathes a sigh of relief when she goes off to college.

Everyone in town knows that Bowie has fallen for Ana except the two of them. But a group of radicals discover the shifters and are determined to wipe them off the face of the Earth. In addition, Ana is back in town for her safety, and the attraction sizzles between them to the point they cannot deny it anymore. Will Bowie be able to save the town? Will Ana acknowledge the attraction and convince him that he is the only dragon for her? You will have to read.

This is a riveting read. Usually, I am very hesitant about reading books that have first person POV, but Ms. Murray does a beautiful job of putting my doubts to rest and pulling me in the story. She writes about their history, background and present in such a way I flowed along rather than get lost in ‘what just happened’. Both Ana and Bowie are very real people with their faults, insecurities, internal struggle and strengths that you will feel they are just like us. The supporting characters of the whole town compliment the main ones beautifully. The radicals’ savage nature and what they do is chilling. On the other hand, the shifter phase is played down a little. Only Ana’s cravings and thinking are described when in puma form, not much on Bowie in dragon form. Even though it is not required, the way the story is written I would still like to know more. Second thing that leaves me wondering is why Ana does not use her witch magic in distress. This and a little more on the nature of the weres when in shifter form would have made the story even more gripping. Overall, this is an exceptional read. You will not even notice that this is the debut novel by the author and I, for one, cannot wait to find out what more she has in store for us.

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