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ISBN: 9781597054423
May, 2010
Wings ePress, Inc
193 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Kelly Graham is an attractive and successful reporter who is passionate about her career. Covering a story about Brett’s campaign will prove to be her most significant assignment; not only will it challenge her profession, it will also challenge her heart.

Brett Conifer is every woman’s dream: handsome, charming, tender father and lover, and successful businessman. Even though he knows his chances of winning the gubernatorial elections are next to nothing, somehow just running for it will change his life.

As a reporter, Kelly is not happy to cover Brett’s story. He is a straight forward, self-righteous man, and it is unlikely she will find anything controversial about him that would make a hot story. However, on their first meeting, Kelly is amazed to see a very attractive and strong man; while Brett is taken by her beauty, shyness, and tenderness. But as they start to fall in love, a surprising scandal is uncovered to threaten Brett’s chances of winning the elections and Kelly's heart.

Ms. Shaff is known for her sweet romances and this book is no exception. Love and politics are two topics that attract a lot of attention, and by mixing them together Ms. shaff has created an irresistible story. I truly enjoyed watching the development of Kelly and Brett’s relationship. Two people with opposing careers and views coming together and proving that opposites do in fact attract, and when they do, they sizzle. Not only are they emotionally and physically compatible, they are also mature enough to respect each other’s professions, ideas, and views. I believe this makes them a match from heaven. This book is fun to read and will capture readers’ hearts by its pleasant romance and well crafted plot.

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