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Le Club Series

Book 1: Calleigh’s Collar
Book 2: Kelly's Challenge

Le Club, Book 2
ISBN: 1-61926-262-2
February 2012
Siren Publishing
108 Pages
Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, Bondage, Spanking, HEA
Rating: 4 Cups

The eight months since Alexa’s death have been much harder on Justin Devereau than he lets on. He knows that the guilt he feels is unfounded, but putting the past behind him is easier said than done.

Working for Le Club Laurel has been a great opportunity for Kelly Anderson, but involving herself with its clients is something she has never felt comfortable with. The BDSM club is beautiful and discreet, and very much outside of her comfort zone.

Seeing Kelly sends feelings roaring through Justin that he is not sure he is ready for, but he has to at least try. Kelly is sweetness and light compared to Alexa’s dark and dangerous personality, and Justin fears that if he comes on too strong he will send her running. Kelly has never met a man as gorgeous and commanding as Justin and that scares her, but to deny what she is feeling is out of the question. She knows Justin is still dealing with the pain of Alexa’s death, but if his heart is not ready to move on, she will.

Timing can make or break even the most loving relationship, and it is obvious that Kelly and Justin have their work cut out for them. I especially like how Justin does not sugarcoat his feelings for his dead fiancée, and that Kelly really seems to listen when he reveals his pain. This makes them feel much more genuine and it really puts you right there with them through every scene. Great passion and romance combined with truly likable characters makes this read well worth your time.

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