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ISBN#: 9781609283728
March 2011
Samhain Publishing
209 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lexi Harrison is a college student, and belly dances for money in a strip club while she works towards completing her PhD. While deep inside she might wish for a family of her own, she has hardened her heart against the idea of it.

Mikos Tyomni is an angel of the fallen variety who wants nothing more than to regain his place in heaven, or so he thinks. He works towards protecting mankind from those of the demon kind. He has been charged with training the newest Defender.

When Lexi’s beloved professor gives her a golden box as a graduation gift, she knows it will disrupt her life, just not how it will do so. She leaves with the box, and heads to work not realizing that she has already met her destiny at the doorway to her professor’s office. The man she nearly ran into is far more than he seems. At work that night, she sees what she thinks is a man with large black wings, only that cannot be right, or so she thinks. Almost without thought she begins dancing for the man, something in his eyes and manner making her dance just for him; something that makes her body burn for him. This is unlike her, and she knows it, but cannot seem to help herself. It is not long after this that she is distracted by a waitress being harassed by some unruly customers. She steps in to help the waitress even knowing it is a bad idea because she cannot stand the thought of sunny Sam, a young mother of two, losing her innocence as Lexi did years before. She gets a bit banged up for her trouble, but is able to hold the men off until help can arrive in the form of a bouncer. Just wanting to go home and nurse her sore jaw, it is not to be. Her boss arrives trying to get her to give someone a private dance which she has always refused to do. She is finally able to get out of the club when Devyn, a young girl who wants to learn to belly dance follows her and reminders her of her promise to teach her some moves. It is from this moment that Lexi’s life changes, and it is only the gift that was in the box that saves her from physical death. On the heels of nearly dying she awakens in Mikos’ home only to be told she is the Defender, a person who protects the human race from demons, and other things that go bump in the night. He tells her that she comes from a long line of defenders. There are only a couple of problems; Lexi’s parents died before they could pass on their knowledge of her bloodline, and Lexi has no desire to save the entire human race. She is having enough trouble just getting along in the world without worrying about everyone else. However, when the Demon King Beliel offers her something in return for the Key, a book with the spells that will allow him to release a hoarde of demons, will she give in and begin the destruction of the human race? Or will she follow the fallen angel who makes her body sing and learn the ways of the Defender so she can keep the human race safe?

I am not usually a fan of love stories where one of the main characters is an angel, even a fallen one, because I have a hard time reconciling the whole idea of purity, piety and selflessness with being a romantic figure. However, Ms. Knight has certainly turned me around in that regard. WOW!! This book totally surprised me on so many levels with how absolutely wonderful it was. I simply could not put it down. Lexi is a totally kick-ass heroine who does not take any crap from anyone and I loved that about her. Mikos really surprised me with his ability to resist Lexi as long as he did. He is so focused on regaining his place in heaven, that even when he begins to truly have romantic love for her, his primary goal is still the same; get back into heaven. The bad guys are really bad, and the author did a fantastic job of getting this reader to hate them. I also found, the idea that not everything was black or white, but that there were a lot of gray areas, interesting. I also absolutely loved the idea of angels working towards redemption. The idea that in many ways they could be just like humans, choosing to be good or evil, was intriguing. The different relics and how they worked, as well as, what they were used for were also fascinating and really helped to drive the storyline. The world building alone makes this book a must read. If you are looking for a book that you cannot put down until you have read the very last page, if you love a love story where both the hero and heroine have major flaws that they are working on, and if you love the idea of ancient relics, and those who protect them and the human race seeming totally plausible, then you simply must pick up Key of Solomon, Relic Hunter by Cassiel Knight!

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