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Thunder Creek Ranch

Book 1: Zakia and the Cowboy
Book 2. Covert Mission: Undercover Cop
Book 3. Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek
Book 4. A Cowgirl's Pride
Book 5. Cameron's Pride
Book 6. A Bride for the Taking

Thunder Creek Ranch Book 7
ISBN#: 9781772334340
23 July 2015
Evernight Publishing
162 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Western
Rating: 2 Cups

When six year old Casey Manning is kidnapped, his entire extended family jumps into action. Private investigator and friend of the family, Trent Erikson, joins forces with them to search for the boy. With the help of the newly discovered psychic ability of Cammy, Casey’s twin brother, the search quickly becomes hot, and takes Trent from rural Alberta to the war-torn soil of Afghanistan.

Lynne Kerrigan is Casey’s older cousin. In age, she is more like an aunt. Determined to see Casey returned to the arms of his mother, she joins Trent, and the pair form an inseparable team. Lynne is a fiery, red-haired Irish woman, and she is determined to be there when Casey is found.

The attraction between Lynne and Trent is immediate and unavoidable. Amidst the tension of chasing down the kidnappers, then the uncertainty of following them to such an unstable country, they have to balance their raging desire for one another with the reality that their lives are constantly in danger. And when the battle has been won for Casey’s safe return, will their new and tentative relationship survive?

With such an intriguing premise, I was a bit disappointed at how this book unfolded. I felt that more character development needed to be worked into the story. For example, the way the characters handled Casey’s disappearance wasn’t at all what I would have expected from a distraught family in crisis. The sudden switch in setting from Thunder Creek to Afghanistan gave me a bit of whiplash, and at times, I found certain cultural references to be a bit politically insensitive. At the end of it all, I was hoping for more from the resolution. Instead, it was wrapped up a bit too conveniently for my liking. Unfortunately, in its current iteration, I was left wanting more out of the story. With a bit more development, however, this book could really have been great; the author shows immense promise as a storyteller.

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