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ISBN: 0-7783-2305-6
December 2005
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 3K9 Canada
$7.99 U.S/$9.50 Canada
472 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Stacy Killian left her Dallas home and the police force for the quiet life. Ten years of police conditioning still keeps her mind fresh to sights and sounds of trouble. After finding her good friend murdered, she sets out to find the killer. But the homicide detective assigned to the case insists she butt out.

Detective Spence Malone knows about homicide. After he is called into a murder case, he does not approve of Stacy’s interference since she no longer works with the police force.

Stacy moves to New Orleans hoping for some calm in her life, only to throw herself into finding her friend's killer. Not pleased with the brash recruit allocated to the task, she begins her own trail that leads her to the inventor of the White Rabbit game - a game for certain fortunate to play. Spencer wants Stacy to leave the investigation to him. If she would stay clear, his work would get done faster. As the two are drawn into a hot investigation, bodies begin to escalate as they find themselves in the middle of a twisted game that weaves with different suspense at the flip of a coin. And just when they think they have the answers, another part of the game is played, leaving them baffled. They must resort to another strategy before Stacy is targeted, because the game is not finished until completely played out to the full extent.

Killer Takes All is spellbinding, fast, and furious, and keeps the reader guessing. With incredible twists and turns, this is one interesting search that travels with excitement in the lovely city of New Orleans. Ms. Spindler pens an extraordinary, brilliant read. Her strong characters and intense dialogue make this an engaging page-turner. Her secondary characters blend a fantastic drama.

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