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  Secrets of Shadow Falls series
  Book 1 - Killing Me Softly
  Book 2 - Kill Me Again
  Book 3 - Kiss Me, Kill Me

ISBN-10: 0778327930 ISBN-13: 978-0778327936 2010
July 2010
Mira Books
print, ebook
$7.99, $7.20
376 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Dawn Jones ran away from her life and the ghosts that were stalking her every move. In doing so, she turned her back on her family and her first, and only, love and has self medicated away any chance that those voices will haunt her. Now, with one frantic call from her birth mother, she heads back to her hometown because she is in trouble.

Waking from a celebration of his ability to go back on the force, rookie cop Bryan Kendall crawls into bed with his lover to curl around her cold body. Cold? In the night, while he was in a liquor induced slumber, his lover had been visited by a cold blooded serial killer.

Faced with the woman he loved and a tangled mess that leaves him suspected of murder, Bryan is more focused on the fact that Dawn looks like the serial killer’s choice of woman. Together they have to solve a case that was solved years ago and stay alive, but the same secrets that will free Bryan of suspicion are the ones that someone has killed to keep hidden.

A tale woven in blood, secrets, and ghosts, Killing Me Softly is a suspenseful tale of two former friends and lovers working to solve a mystery. We get to peek into the mind of the killer as these two sleuths race against the clock to avoid wrongful imprisonment and his plot to kill them both if he has to. With a vibrant gift for storytelling, Shayne spirals the reader into the darkness and this reviewer looks forward to the rest of the series.

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